Just thought you might like to know that Watson Webber is my new hero. You'll meet him sometime this year because his book is coming out!


Isn't that great news. AND I'm also in this story and...yes you guessed it - I get into a bit of trouble again. But the story's not really about me.

In fact it's about something really awful. Cyberbullying and...I can't say much more because...but here's a banner so you'll recognise the book cover when it comes out.

BFB WebBanner2

Catch you later when it stops raining.



YARNS FROM YANDILLA is NOW available online. 
POD & ebook at The Nile for AUSSIE buyers.
POD & ebook at Amazon (US, CAN & UK).
POD & ebook Barnes and Noble. 
I'm really excited because I feature in the book!

Just knock on the shop and they'll let you in.

Hope I meet you soon!

Cheerio from a 'new chum' in Australia,

Barry Badger.

G'day!  I'm really getting better at all this thinking stuff.

Here's a question for you.

Where does an idea come from?

As you know I was young once  - and lost.  Anyway that was a LONG time ago, at least a few months. And now I'm a big boy and starting to understand that thoughts in your head can be really exciting. 

I was talking to Woggle Wombat and he tells me that you have to be VERY CAREFUL when you put stuff on the web.

You know what a stickler Woggle is for safety and good manners!  Well he came up with a rhyme you can remember.  

Look on the left of this page for Woggle's advice when you want to contact any of us (especially me) in Yandilla Shire.

Cheers from Barry Badger.