We are the Australian animals you'll meet when you read YARNS FROM YANDILLA now AVAILABLE at a click from:

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Woggle Wombat lives in a series of burrows he calls West Wonky and he is very house proud.

Barry Badger arrived in Australia in a zoo consignment. His cage was broken and he found his way to Yandilla Shire and lives in Badger Burrow.

Tub the Toad is descended from the original toads brought into Australia in 1937 to control beetles in sugar cane plantations in Queensland.

Ruby is Hilda's best friend. She is a silver grey Blue Heeler-Border Collie cross dog who lives in LillyVille.

Polly and Pete Platypus have a burrow in the bank of Big Billabong.

Sparkle, Swank and Singsong belong to the Goldfish Family that came to Australia from Asia. They are part of the much larger Carp family.

Gilly Goanna is a large Australian monitor lizard with sharp teeth and claws. She lives anywhere she can find insects, small animals or eggs to eat.

Cackle Kookaburra, a large terrestrial kingfisher native to Australia, has hysterical laughter a bit like a human. He manages the ClatterClang Band.

Gabby Galah is the town gossip and spends a lot of time with her flock of friends eating Graham Green's crops. She belongs to the cockatoo family.

Charcoal Crow is also known as a raven. He has black feathers and emits a loud, throaty 'caw-aw-ah' sound when hungry or marking territory.

Frulia Fox is a carnivorous mammal with a long narrow snout and a bushy tail. She has a den in a hollow tree log somewhere around the Bush Track .

Bella BlueWren belongs to the Maluridae family and she lives in the garden of the FairyMaze.

Dwer-da Dingo's original ancestors arrived in Australia thousands of years ago and he lives in the Outback most of the time in an underground den.

Kevin and Kucha Kangaroo and Justa Joey are a family of red kangaroos that live in the arid Outback and occasionally visit LillyVille.

Keith, Koola and Kenny Koala are another family of herbivorous marsupials who live in the eucalypt trees along Yandilla Creek. Koalas are not bears!

Ella and Ed Emu live in the bushland to the north of Big Billabong. They are big, flightless birds standing nearly two metres tall.

Goldie is a pretty palomino mare aged ten years. Glitter is four with golden dapples on her rump. Gleam is three and looks like his mum, Goldie.

Wazzel Whale is a Humpback whale who lives in the Pacific Ocean.

Tilly and Ted Turtle belong to the Flatback species that is only found in Australia. They live at Turtle Rock in the Pacific Ocean.

Wee Wally, a Red Necked wallaby joey Graham Green found when ploughing a paddock.

Dotty Doe is a Nubian goat doeling who lives in her pen in the Porter garden.