Peek inside Chapter 1 of Yarns From Yandilla.

CheckMap400WAustralia's east coast stretches north almost to the Equator and then south almost to Antarctica. Somewhere, almost in the middle of this very long coast, you will find the Shire of Yandilla, wherein lies the small village of LillyVille. Many mountains and valleys run through the Shire where, tucked away in the nooks and crannies, are magic places such as golden beaches, rain forests, swamps, and green pastures where all sorts of animals live.

But, you won't find any of these hidden places on a normal map, because the Shire and all of its secret places live in my head.

Yandilla Shire is a very special place and is probably just like a secret place you might have in your head. I'm sure amazing things happen in your secret place and well, amazing, strange, and even everyday things also happen in Yandilla Shire.

Since the way to the Shire is from my imagination to yours, I've put a map of the Yandilla Shire on the front cover for you and there's a section of the village above for you to consult if you get lost. Many times I've been lost even in my own head! Always remember that maps are absolutely essential things to take with you if you go tramping in the bush. And a bottle of water!


Why don't you buy the book and follow the yarns so that you can become friends with Barry Badger? He sure needs a wise mate to give him some good advice! He's only a young chum in a strange country so I know he needs a friend he can admire and trust.  Believe me, that Tub the Toad is a bad influence. 


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